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Terminix - Defenders of Home


Mon-Sat: 6am - 11pm CST  /  Sunday: 7am - 11pm CST
Mon-Sat: 6am - 11pm CST  /  Sunday: 7am - 11pm CST
Mon-Sat: 6am - 11pm CST  /  Sunday: 7am - 11pm CST
Ultimate Protection GuaranteeUltimate Protection Guarantee

We’ll do whatever it takes to solve your pest problem. Including coming back at no cost, until pests are gone. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.*

Exclusive Offer to New Customers Who Schedule Inspections from September 26 – October 10

This fall, Terminix is launching a limited-time promotion called MoviePest, which will allow customers a chance to win a prize so they can leave the pests found in their homes to Terminix’s technicians while they go and enjoy pests on the silver screen.

Pests will take on roles big and small in a slate of films arriving this fall. In anticipation, Terminix is debuting MoviePest by offering a limited number of prizes to randomly selected customers who have inspections between September 26 – October 10*. Each prize can be used at participating theaters across the country for tickets to films featuring everything from a venomous villain to a bee that’s more than meets the eye.

As a leading pest control provider, Terminix is the natural fit for any and all of your pest-related needs. Off the big screen this fall, homeowners should be particularly mindful of pests that may be looking for shelter as the temperatures cool down. Homeowners with questions should contact a qualified pest management professional who can conduct an inspection and, if necessary, recommend an appropriate treatment for their home.

For your chance to win (and defend your home this fall), use the button below or contact Terminix to schedule your free inspection. A trained technician can help customize a treatment plan for your home. Visit Terminix.com to Schedule FREE pest control inspection or call 877-837-6464 for more information.

Introducing the 2018 MoviePest Winners**:

  1. Deborah M.
  2. Isaiah J.
  3. Kamesha E.
  4. Jonai M.
  5. Patsy R.
  6. David P.
  7. Jasvir S.
  8. Jjesus R.
  9. Cassandra R.
  10. Stephanie B.
  11. Ivan B.
  12. Megan M.
  13. Debbie R.
  14. Casey W.
  15. Kennetha N.
  16. Brenda S.
  17. Jessica W.
  18. Paula C.
  19. Vincent B.
  20. Jami K.
  21. Jofre L.
  22. Myesha O.
  23. David G.
  24. Richard I.
  25. Ashley J.
  26. Rob R.
  27. Paul K.
  28. Miguel J.
  29. Amy T.
  30. Jozelle R.
  31. Ghada H.
  32. Kim B.
  33. Paul B.
  34. Itai P.
  35. Diana M.
  36. Rezvan J.
  37. Robert M.
  38. Alex L.
  39. Jeff T.
  40. Danay F.
  41. Vicky H.
  42. Ivanna H.
  43. Crystal I.
  44. Anne F.
  45. James S.
  46. Connor H.
  47. Jess H.
  48. Shawn L.
  49. Mike G.
  50. Lora L.
  51. Joan H.
  52. Kacey A.
  53. Diane M.
  54. Karen T.
  55. Erica M.
  56. Calvin S.
  57. Charlene B.
  58. Andrew D.
  59. Lori G.
  60. John D.
**100 winners were selected. Those not listed preferred to not include their name in the drawing.






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