See why Terminix® is chosen
2 to 1 over the nearest competitor.

Termite treatments and damage repairs cost an average of 1) $35,837.* But Terminix® can help protect you
from those costs. In fact, with our guarantee, you’ll never pay for termite treatments and damage repairs
as long as you keep your plan. Learn more below.
Why Terminix?About Termites

The Terminix Termite Inspection

At a time that's convenient for you, a certified Terminix professional will
visit your home and conduct a complete No-Obligation Termite Inspection. 
We check your exterior plumbing and electrical openings, pier supports,
foundation gaps and stress gaps. 
We’ll also inspect the interior of your home for wings around your window-
sills, blisters in wood flooring and mud tubes. 
This normally takes an hour.

If Termites Are Found In Your Home

Terminix uses advanced technology to ensure quick, lasting results. Yet all
of our materials are some of the safest available for your family, your pets
and your home.
Liquid Defend System®
  • The system creates an immediate treatment zone at key entry points
    around and through your home's foundation
  • As termites tunnel through treatment areas, they ingest the treated soil,
    which also sticks to their bodies
  • Control is almost immediate as the termites spread the material to other
    termites, reducing the colony's population until your home is termite free
Termite Baiting Program
  • Baiting stations are strategically installed around your property where
    termites are likely to forage for food
  • Bait is placed in the stations that show signs of termite activity and kept
    there as long as termites continue to feed on it
  • Individual termites can be affected within a few days after consuming the
    bait. But it may take several months before an entire colony is eliminated,
    depending on the time of year, geography, the number of termites and
    termite species
  • Once the colony is gone, others may move in to the area. To keep your
    home protected, we'll continue to monitor the baiting stations for signs of
    a new colony

If No Termites Are Found

You could be eligible for the Termite Inspection & Protection Plan®, which
guarantees that termites will never eat through your finances. No other plan
gives you this level of financial security:
  • Certified annual inspection of your home and property
  • No termite control fees if termites appear
  • No termite damage repair bills. We'll cover everything
  • The strongest termite control guarantee in the business
  • The latest control technologies applied by experienced Terminix professionals
  • One easy plan for under $35 per month

Our Termite Guarantee

No other termite control-company can offer you a stronger guarantee than Terminix. We call it Ultimate Protection. You'll come to call it ultimate peace of mind.

  • Never pay for future termite treatments or damage repairs
    as long as you keep your plan
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back

Learn About Terminix Pest Control

Pests are monsters too. They can carry up to 33 kinds of bacteria like strep,
staph and Salmonella. But a quarterly Pest Control Plan from Terminix will help
get them out and keep them out.

  • Evaluation: Protection starts with a FREE Pest Evaluation. We’ll create a customized
    plan based on your specific pest control needs
  • Service: The first service will treat the inside of your home. We’ll also create a perimeter
    around your home to keep pests out
  • Protection: We’ll return every three months to provide additional exterior treatments
    And if you see a pest between services, we’ll come back and deal with it at no extra cost

Our Pest Guarantee

With Terminix pest protection, you’re covered by the strongest guarantee in the business:

  • A custom plan to help get pests out and keep them out
  • Solutions within 24 hours
  • Work continued until you’re satisfied
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back
Sources: Public Health Significance of Urban Pests, World Health Organization  2008. *November 2011 Decision Analysts survey for TMX of independent contractors from twenty states in the TMX network. aver. repair costs of $34,837: (STAN. DEV: $147,232). Sample estimated expenses are derived from moderate termite damage to walls, subfloor and two cabinets in a 20’ x 15’ Kitchen. Replacements include one 8’x15’ wall, 13 LF of wall pre-ordered cabinets, 15 LF of base pre-ordered cabinets, 15 LF of formica countertop, mid-grade floor vinyl with underlayment of 4 ft. by 16 ft. of sub-floor, and floor joists for a 12 ft. by 15 ft. area. No plumbing or code upgrades included. Figures are ESTIMATED averages only, and do not necessarily reflect the actual costs of jobs included in survey. Individual components of required repairs will vary. Every home is different; repair and treatment costs will vary.
1. Home must qualify for Termite Inspection & Protection Plan. Offer is contingent upon, but not limited to, an inspection of property, state of residence, presence of termite activity and construction type. Termite Inspection & Protection Plan pricing is based on an annual contract. Any future treatments and/or damage repairs require the presence of live termite activity and all inspection payments to be current. Ultimate Protection Guarantee excludes damage from drywood termites, does not apply for service plans and is subject to continued annual renewal inspections and payments thereof. Not available in all areas. For complete offer terms, including coverage areas, or for details regarding any Terminix guarantee, call 1.800.TERMINIX (1.800.837.6464). Refer to the Termite Inspection & Protection Plan for additional limitations, restrictions, terms and conditions that apply with this offer. Termite inspections are not applicable for real estate closings.
2. If within 30 days after an inspection or treatment you aren’t totally satisfied, we will refund the treatment or inspection charges, if applicable, reimburse any prepaid services and cancel your plan.
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